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  • Coordination of gene expression programs 

    Lorent, Julie (Inst för onkologi-patologi / Dept of Oncology-Pathology, 2020-01-24)
    Most cellular processes depend on the activity and interactions of proteins. The proteome, i.e. the entire set of proteins in a specific condition, is shaped by regulation of transcription, mRNA-degradation, -processing, ...
  • Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase : new insights into an old target 

    Popova, Gergana (Inst för mikrobiologi, tumör- och cellbiologi / Dept of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology, 2020-01-24)
    Purine and pyrimidine nucleotides are important for both biosynthetic and regulatory pathways in cells. As constituents of the DNA and RNA molecules, the requirements for nucleotides in actively dividing cells are increased. ...
  • Bruton tyrosine kinase in immunodeficiency and in B-cell malignancy 

    Wang, Qing (Inst för laboratoriemedicin / Dept of Laboratory Medicine, 2020-01-23)
    BTK inhibitors have induced high response rates in the treatment of leukemias and lymphomas. Ibrutinib is the first-in-class US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved BTK covalent inhibitor to treat chronic lymphocytic ...
  • Traditional yoga and clinical burnout : quality of life and biomarkers before and after treatment 

    Grensman, Astrid (Inst för neurobiologi, vårdvetenskap och samhälle / Dept of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, 2020-01-23)
    Background. Stress-related disorders including clinical burnout (CB) are one of the main causes of sickness absenteeism in many Western countries. Little is known about the situation of CB patients, and objective markers ...
  • Organization of brain circuits that control motivated behaviors 

    Tzortzi, Ourania (Inst för neurovetenskap / Dept of Neuroscience, 2020-01-22)
    Eudemonia (Greek: εὐδαιμονία) is an anthropocentric term describing the absolute well-being in the Aristotelian ethics, along with the terms “arête” (virtue) and “phronesis” (wisdom from an ethical and practical point ...

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