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  • Organization of basal ganglia circuits 

    Fürth, Daniel (Inst för neurovetenskap / Dept of Neuroscience, 2017-10-17)
    Anatomical regions and how we define boundaries between and within structures in the brain put a constraint on our understanding of the brain. More than a century of research on the brain has revealed its fundamental ...
  • Immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer 

    Meng, Qingda (Inst för laboratoriemedicin / Dept of Laboratory Medicine, 2017-10-17)
    Patients with pancreatic cancer have a short life expectancy, and only 20% of the patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer can undergo surgery. Chemotherapy does not work well: Gemcitabine is the standard regimen with ...
  • A continuing educational intervention in primary health care using the ConPrim model 

    Berggren, Erika (Inst för neurobiologi, vårdvetenskap och samhälle / Dept of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, 2017-10-17)
    Background and aim: The overall aim of this thesis was to evaluate an intervention about “Nutritional care for patients cared for at home” developed using an interprofessional continuing educational model adapted for primary ...
  • Indoor environment and tobacco smoke exposure in relation to allergic disease and lung function 

    Thacher, Jesse D. (Institutet för miljömedicin / Institute of Environmental Medicine, 2017-10-17)
    Asthma and other allergy related diseases are the most common chronic diseases in childhood, and have become a major public health concern. The rapid increase in the occurrence of these diseases, especially in high-income ...
  • Understanding structural features of biomolecular interactions : from classical simulations to ab intio calculations 

    Hartono, Yossa Dwi (Inst för biovetenskaper och näringslära / Dept of Biosciences and Nutrition, 2017-10-17)
    The structures of biomolecules and their interactions dictate their functions. In this thesis, five papers are presented to illustrate how the dynamics of biomolecules can be investigated and derivation of desired ...

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