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  • MTH1 as a target to alleviate T cell driven diseases by selective suppression of activated T cells 

    Karsten, Stella; Fiskesund, Roland; Zhang, Xing-Mei; Marttila, Petra; Sanjiv, Kumar; Pham, Therese; Rasti, Azita; Bräutigam, Lars; Almlöf, Ingrid; Marcusson-Ståhl, Maritha; Sandman, Carolina; Platzack, Björn; Harris, Robert A.; Kalderén, Christina; Cederbrant, Karin; Helleday, Thomas; Warpman Berglund, Ulrika (Inst för onkologi-patologi / Dept of Oncology-Pathology, 2021-09-16)
    T cell-driven diseases account for considerable morbidity and disability globally and there is an urgent need for new targeted therapies. Both cancer cells and activated T cells have an altered redox balance, and up-regulate ...
  • Single-cell analysis of mammalian cardiogenesis elucidating an essential role of outflow tract progenitors 

    Zhou, Chikai (Inst för cell- och molekylärbiologi / Dept of Cell and Molecular Biology, 2021-09-14)
    The heart is the first organ to form and start to function during mammalian embryogenesis. This complex organ system is constructed by a diverse set of cell types, involving mesodermal precursors and heart progenitors, ...
  • Genetic predisposition to immune cell malfunction and inflammation 

    Torralba-Raga, Lamberto J. (Inst för medicin, Huddinge / Dept of Medicine, Huddinge, 2021-09-10)
    Our genome contains all the instructions to control the synthesis of proteins, the development of cells and the interaction between body systems. We are armed with an immune system, made up of cells, chemical compounds ...
  • Gene regulation of acute insulin response in human adipose tissue in obesity and after weight-loss 

    Mileti, Enrichetta (Inst för biovetenskaper och näringslära / Dept of Biosciences and Nutrition, 2021-09-10)
    The incidence and prevalence of obesity and type 2 diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions worldwide and insulin resistance, the pathophysiological link between the two conditions is consequently the focus of intense ...
  • The epidemiology of varicella zoster virus disease in Sweden : before and after vaccination 

    Widgren, Katarina (Inst för medicin, Huddinge / Dept of Medicine, Huddinge, 2021-09-10)
    Primary infection with the varicella zoster virus (VZV) presents as chickenpox, a highly contagious infection. Thereafter the virus establishes latency in nerve ganglia of the host. The virus may reactivate later in life ...

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