KI Open Archive - Publications from Karolinska Institutet is an electronic archive for fulltext publications and manuscripts produced at Karolinska Institutet. The archive has been established to make available doctoral and licentiate theses presented at KI as well as help researchers at KI comply with Open Access requirements from research funders by self-archiving. A support function based at the University Library is available to aid the doctoral student or the researcher in the process of depositing the thesis or articles to the archive, and to answer any questions on self-archiving and Open Access.

What's in the archive? - Collection policy

So far doctoral theses, licentiate theses, articles, manuscripts and degree projects have been deposited in the archive.

The archive contains doctoral theses from 1995 and onward, but is more comprehensive from 2005 when electronic publication of the doctoral thesis was made compulsory. In 2011 electronic publication of licentiate theses was made compulsory.

Older theses are not available in electronic form, but can be retrieved in reSEARCH at the library home page:

Articles and manuscripts
Articles and manuscripts published after 1995 can be submitted to the archive if they are not already available Open Access and if in accordance with grant funders demands and the publisher's restrictions.

Degree projects
It is no longer possible to post degree projects in the archive, due to a policy decision at KI.

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