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  • Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of therapist-guided internet cognitive behavioural therapy for paediatric anxiety disorders : a single-centre, single-blind, randomised controlled trial 

    Jolstedt, Maral; Wahlund, Tove; Lenhard, Fabian; Ljótsson, Brjánn; Mataix-Cols, David; Nord, Martina; Öst, Lars-Göran; Högström, Jens; Serlachius, Eva; Vigerland, Sarah (Inst för klinisk neurovetenskap / Dept of Clinical Neuroscience, 2019-03-27)
    Background: Paediatric anxiety disorders are prevalent and associated with substantial disability and long-term adverse consequences. Only a minority of affected children have access to evidence-based treatment; ...
  • Company employees as experimental participants in traffic safety research : prevalence and implications 

    Radun, Igor; Nilsonne, Gustav; Radun, Jenni; Helgesson, Gert; Kecklund, Göran; Nilsonne, Gustav (Inst för lärande, informatik, management och etik / Dept of Learning, Informatics, Management and EthicsInst för klinisk neurovetenskap / Dept of Clinical NeuroscienceKarolinska Institutet, 2018-11-08)
    The use of company employees as experimental participants when testing products, technology or paradigms developed by the same company raises questions about bias in results and research ethics. We aimed to investigate the ...
  • Associations between cognition and serotonin receptor 1B binding in patients with major depressive disorder : a pilot study 

    Tangen, Ämma; Borg, Jacqueline; Tiger, Mikael; Varnäs, Katarina; Sorjonen, Kimmo; Lindefors, Nils; Halldin, Christer; Lundberg, Johan (Inst för klinisk neurovetenskap / Dept of Clinical Neuroscience, 2018-01-04)
    The neurotransmitter serotonin has been widely implicated in the pathophysiology of major depressive disorder (MDD). In animal studies and human neuroimaging studies, involvement of the serotonin receptor 1B (5-HT1BR) in ...
  • European Bioimaging Facility Survey Report 

    Lyytinen, Jaakko; Lundqvist, Daniel (Inst för klinisk neurovetenskap / Dept of Clinical NeuroscienceKarolinska Institutet, 2017-10-05)
    This report describes the results of a survey undertaking by NatMEG (the Swedish national facility for magnetoencephalography;, performed under the auspices of Swedish Bioimaging. The three Swedish national ...
  • A multimodal brain imaging dataset on sleep deprivation in young and old humans 

    Nilsonne, Gustav; Tamm, Sandra; d'Onofrio, Paolo; Thuné, Hanna Å; Schwarz, Johanna; Lavebratt, Catharina; Liu, Jia Jia; Månsson, Kristoffer NT; Sundelin, Tina; Axelsson, John; Lamm, Claus; Petrovic, Predrag; Fransson, Peter; Kecklund, Göran; Fischer, Håkan; Lekander, Mats; Åkerstedt, Torbjörn (Inst för klinisk neurovetenskap / Dept of Clinical Neuroscience, 2016-05-26)
    The Stockholm Sleepy Brain Study I is a functional brain imaging study of 48 younger (20-30 years) and 36 older (65-75 years) healthy participants, with magnetic resonance imaging after normal sleep and partial sleep ...
  • Effects of bias on the association between post-traumatic stress disorder and interleukin-6 

    Nilsonne, Gustav; Hilgard, Joseph; Lekander, Mats; Arnberg, Filip (Inst för klinisk neurovetenskap / Dept of Clinical Neuroscience, 2016-01-15)
    No abstract available.
  • Variability in the CIITA gene interacts with HLA in multiple sclerosis 

    Gyllenberg, Alexandra; Piehl, Fredrik; Alfredsson, Lars; Hillert, Jan; Bomfim, Izaura Lima; Padyukov, Leonid; Orho-Melander, Marju; Lindholm, Eero; Landin-Olsson, Mona; Lernmark, Åke; The Swedish Childhood Diabetes Study Group; The Diabetes Incidence in Sweden Study Group; Olsson, Tomas; Kockum, Ingrid (Inst för klinisk neurovetenskap / Dept of Clinical Neuroscience, 2015-02-09)
    The human leukocyte antigen (HLA) is the main genetic determinant of multiple sclerosis (MS) risk. Within the HLA, the class II HLA-DRB1*15:01 allele exerts a disease-promoting effect, whereas the class I ...
  • No correlation between serotonin and its metabolite 5-HIAA in the cerebrospinal fluid and [11C]AZ10419369 binding measured with PET in healthy volunteers 

    Tiger, Mikael; Svenningsson, Per; Nord, Magdalena; Jabre, Sandra; Halldin, Christer; Lundberg, Johan (Inst för klinisk neurovetenskap / Dept of Clinical NeuroscienceDepartment of Clinical NeuroscienceTranslational Neuropharmacology, CMM, 2015-02-05)
    [(11) C]AZ10419369 is sensitive to pharmacologically enhanced endogenous serotonin levels. Twelve healthy volunteers underwent [(11) C]AZ10419369 PET and lumbar puncture. There were no correlations between [(11) C]AZ10419369 ...
  • Long-term follow-up after comprehensive rehabilitation of persons with epilepsy, with emphasis on participation in employment or education 

    Wadhagen Wedlund, Eva; Nilsson, Lena; Erdner, Anette; Tomson, Torbjörn (Inst för klinisk neurovetenskap / Dept of Clinical Neuroscience, 2013-05-15)
    The objective of this study was to describe the current situation of patients with epilepsy after rehabilitation with emphasis on employment and education and to investigate if clinical factors at admission were associated ...
  • Age-dependent variation of genotypes in MHC II transactivator gene (CIITA) in controls and association to type 1 diabetes 

    Gyllenberg, Alexandra; Asad, Samina; Piehl, Fredrik; Swanberg, Maria; Padyukov, Leonid; van Yserloo, Brian; Graham, Jinko; Rutledge, Elizabeth; Orho-Melander, Marju; Lindholm, Eero; Graff, Caroline; Forsell, Charlotte; Åkesson, Karin; Landin-Olsson, Mona; Carlsson, Annelie; Forsander, Gun; Ivarsson, Sten; Larsson, Helena; Alfredsson, Lars; Åkesson, Kristina; Olsson, Tomas; Kockum, Ingrid; Lindblad, Bengt; Ludvigsson, Johnny; Marcus, Claude; Lernmark, Åke; McNeney, Brad (Inst för klinisk neurovetenskap / Dept of Clinical NeuroscienceThe Diabetes Incidence in Sweden Study GroupThe Swedish Childhood Diabetes Study GroupBetter Diabetes Diagnosis Study group, 2013-03-25)
    The major histocompatibility complex class II transactivator (CIITA) gene (16p13) has been reported to associate with susceptibility to multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and myocardial infarction, recently also to ...