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  • Reticular adhesions are a distinct class of cell-matrix adhesions that mediate attachment during mitosis 

    Lock, John G; Jones, Mattew C.; Askari, Janet A.; Gong, Xiaowei; Oddone, Anna; Olofsson, Helene; Göransson, Sara; Lakadamyali, Melike; Humphries, Martin J.; Strömblad, Staffan (Inst för biovetenskaper och näringslära / Dept of Biosciences and NutritionStrömblad laboratory of Clinical molecular biology, 2019-02-11)
    Adhesion to the extracellular matrix persists during mitosis in most cell types. However, while classical adhesion complexes, such as focal adhesions, do and must disassemble to enable mitotic rounding, the mechanisms of ...
  • Magnesium Ion–Water Coordination and Exchange in Biomolecular Simulations 

    Allnér, Olof; Nilsson, Lennart; Villa, Alessandra (Inst för biovetenskaper och näringslära / Dept of Biosciences and Nutrition, 2012-10-02)
    Magnesium ions have an important role in the structure and folding mechanism of ribonucleic systems. To properly simulate these biophysical processes, the applied molecular models should reproduce, among others, the kinetic ...