Human Leukocyte antigens with special reference to association and linkage in multiple sclerosis.

p 9. line 3. Referense 1 should read "for references see 1"

p 11. line 5. Should read "peptides of 10-25 amino acids bind"

line 21. Reads: abounded, should be: abundant

p 14. line 5. locus should be loci.

p 16. Head of Table 1. should be "June 1997".

p 19. Head of Table 2. should be the "Swedish population".

p 20. line 11. Should be included in the reference list: " Gyllensten et al., PNAS 1990, vol 87, p. 1835-9.

p 21 line 11. Reads "function of HLA is", should read "function of the HLA molecules are"

p 23. line 5. Disregulation should be dysregulation.

p 24. line 22. "Axons cells" should be only "axons".

p 25. line 4. "Introduced" should be "induced".

p 26. line 13. "Kindship" should be "kinship".

p 27. line 1. "Weather" should be "wether".

p 28. Table 3. Number 21 after Finland should be tabulated into the culumn of number of families studied.

p 29. line 8. "ytotoxic" should be "cytotoxic".

p 37. last line. "were" should be "where".

p 41. lline 2. "reombination" should be "recombination".

line 18. The word "allele" should be taken away.

p 42. line 10. "specific alleles of the HLA system" should read specific allelic variants of the HLA molecules".

p 53. line 20. Should read: "sick and healthy individuals".

last line. "eptiopes" should read "epitopes".

p 54. line 22. "these genes" should be "the products of these genes".

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